Price: 29000 obo

So, my wife and I are super sad to be selling our van. We just finished traveling 14,000 miles in 10+ weeks during an amazing trip all throughout the USA (Sept, Oct, November 2016). It was a well needed trip and we'll forever be thankful for the opportunity. Now, I'll need to buy delivery van for work and I simply can't justify having 4 cars!


To see 100+ photos from our trip (at)tires2fires on Instagram.


We are the 2nd owners of our beloved Vanagon. While we did TONS of work prior to the trip, we really owe huge thanks to the original owners who did a fantastic job of maintaining the interior and the exterior. Almost everything was original when we purchased "Benji" so we were able to concentrate on the needed upgrades and maintenance for a large trip.


Currently 111651 Miles on the original engine/chassis.

3-Speed Buttery smooth Automatic.


Work completed on Van in 2016

- New Bigger-Braking system for the front of the van.

- New larger Wheels

- New Rims

- New suspension system

- New rubber fuel lines from fuel tank all the way to injectors

- Some new rubber fuels lines above the fuel tank.

- New distributor cap, rotor, wires

- New Ignition Coil

- New Spark Plugs

- New Air Filter

- New "Temp II" Sensor

- New Thermostat

- New Fuel Pump

- New Fuel Filter

- Audible overheating sensor Alarm

- GPS Tracking system

- New onboard Propane Tank

- New Roof Racks (we didn't end up using them)

- New Amazingly fast awning

- Cleaned up all visible ground connections under the van

- New ignition switch

- Recalibrated idle control switch

- All New exterior Access Panels (Onboard Water, Electric, City Water)

- All new water lines for onboard water system

- New water pump for inside onboard water tank

- Freshly cleaned/scrubbed onboard water system (drinkable!!!)

- Fixed Original Fridge to work all 3 ways! AC, DC, Propane

- New LED lighting system installed

- New Start Battery

- New Auxiliary battery installed for running stuff when engine is off (with isolator)

- New Dual-battery charger installed and hardwired

- New AC/DC Inverter installed to run normal appliances inside of van.

- Radio re-wired to enable listening when van is off

- Wired in a 5 way accessory splitter inside of dash with switch

- Installed new dual battery meter for constant visual. Always know your battery health!

- New dashboard surface (pops out if you rather go original)

- New water bottle holder (easily removable if you rather go original)

- New Hardwood floor (Nope, it is Linoleum but we love the look and not having carpet)

- The van comes with the original carpet if you want that too.

- Improved the rotation movement for both front seats.

- Improved steering wheel movement (now silent).

- Probably so much more. . .. (I'll be updating more as I remember/look through recipes).

- Currently parked indoors.


Vanagons have a reputation for breaking down all the time. In 14k miles, thankfully, we never never broke down. We feel as though we're super lucky in picking the van we did. Stay on top of your regular maintenance and check out any weird sounds. That is pretty much my advice to vanagon owners. Regular maintenance, check out weird sounds. Our biggest issue was when the engine was really cold while ALSO at high elevation (7k or more). The engine would idle low until it warmed up. I have since replace the "temp II" sensor and it works great in the cold (but haven't tested above 7k elevation). Oh, and I put in the correct exhaust flange gasket so the exhaust is now quiet again.


Rust: We started with zero rust on the exterior paint job but have picked up some tiny spots in 14k miles (I'll show photos). The underside of the van is rusted the further you toward the back of the van. Most seemed to be concentrated on the exhaust system. The van has a new catalytic converter, muffler, and some pipes. But, if I had to guess the few remaining original pieces will probably need to be replaced with the next 5 years. Has a current New Jersey inspection sticker. The previous owner stated it was garage kept. I didn’t believe this until I saw other vans on the east coast (most destroyed by salt). The van is also now in a garage.


Interior: Again, big shoutout to the original owners for doing a great job of maintaining the van. The radio works (has aux plugin and can play cassettes - woo!!). All of the Westfalia components also function. The onboard water tank has been scrubbed, cleaned, and flushed. All the water lines inside have also been replaced (we were able to drink from the sink). The two burner stove functions well on propane from the new onboard propane tank (below van). The Fridge works all 3 ways (AC DC and Propane). The fins inside of the fridge will actually ice up on AC and propane. DC (engine on) will keep things cold but we never saw ice when just using DC.


The Canvas is in super great shape. I don't think this was an original given it has the single larger window in the front but not on the sides. Just be diligent when closing and these things should last a really long time. I'm glad this was recently replaced since it seems like a huge pain to switch them out. The window has built in mosquito netting that is removable. When the back door is open, there is mosquito netting for that as well (warm summer nights would have miserable without it). The sleeping upstairs, in the pop-top, is comfortable but really only for short adults or kids. Downstairs is even more comfortable and is slightly longer.


If you have any questions, shoot me an email. We're in no hurry to sell but we are looking for a good home for Benji. Preferably someone who is going to use and appreciate such an amazingly fun vehicle. Seeing a Westy parked in one spot is a shame.


Thanks for looking,