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Artist Proofs, Samples, One-offs

This collection is a catch-all for everything we make that doesn't fall into a "real" category.

Artist Proofs:
Before being content with a design, often times it takes a few versions to get it right.  Other times, I'll cut out small "sample" sections to see what changes need to be made.  Some go right into the dumpster.  Others turn out great.

Personality of wood:
Many of the pieces you'll see in this listing simply show small variations natural to working with wood.  They might range from wood grain patterns, different colorings, knots, etc.  To me, these pieces are 100% but I don't want to surprise a customer.  So, I'll list them here at a slight discount and point out why it is in this listing.  Some of my favorite pieces I've ever made would have been listed through this page if I had thought of it sooner.

 I hope you'll find some enjoyment in these.  As you select different options from the drop down menu, the details will change.


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