Everyday Design Challenge 2022

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Starting June 1st 2022 (Now Finished)

Give others a chance:
If you have already purchased a 2022 Daily, please give others a chance of at least 5 minutes before ordering.  I post them everyday sometime around noon EST.

Daily Project Summary:
Each day I will be listing an additional mini-art piece here and selling exactly 1 at a ridiculously low price.  Thanks guys!  Hopefully we come out stronger on the other side. To get a jump on when they are listed, see my instagram stories (@fil_roberts).

The objective is to practice designing faster, improve my designs, and overcome my inability to actually FINISH designs.  I am super great at starting but the final 10% of a design kills me.  By having to create a new one EVERY day, I have to be able to edit my work much faster and be more confident in my decisions.  This will also push me to experiment on a bunch of elements that I wouldn't have otherwise.  

Why everyday? 
There's nothing an artist needs more - even more than excellent tools and stamina - than a deadline.” ― Adriana Trigiani, Viola in Reel Life.

How long will this last?
They say it takes 21 to 30 days to create a habit but I'd like to go much longer.  I'll continue this until it becomes too much or life gets in the way.

Why are they also listed at over $100?  
Short Answer: Patronage.
Only 1 of each design is sold at the extremely low "daily price" and is done so at my financial loss. If someone connects to a piece and feels they want to support the challenge (while also receiving a piece of artwork) I thought this a great way to do so.  I don't foresee this being a heavily traveled path but there are those special folks out there that connect to an idea or design.

I appreciate those who get into this stuff and hold me accountable. Any suggestions are welcome.