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Ambedo Pop
Ambedo Pop

Ambedo Pop

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-- Ambedo Pop (15.5x7.75") -- Also looks great and has a one layer that pops more than the rest.  You can see in the closeup that it adds a bit of interest to those details.


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Measures 15.5 by 7.75"
Made up of 12 Layers
As always, it comes ready to hang - no need to add your own mounting hardware.

n. a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee—which leads to a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life, a mood whose only known cure is the vuvuzela.
--Word is from the great John Koenig's  Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Every piece is made in my little shop here in Southern NJ. Each piece is constructed from various plywoods, which means that each one turns out slightly different depending on the grain and how the wood accepts the stain. Most commonly Mahogany, Red Oak, and White Birch. The different layers are sometimes stained different colors in order to bring out the design's depth. It also adds more aesthetic texture to an already lively appearance. Note, the appearance will change throughout the day depending on the light.