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--  Sold Out  3 Layer Challenge  |  Artist Proof   (19" Round) -- As I normally work in 12 layers, this was a challenge on myself to design with FEWER layers.  For me, this is more difficult as elements need to be combined together that I usually would pull apart.  This was fun and worth the exercise. $169 + Free Shipping.  

-- Sold Out  Roasted Flow  |  Black   (15.5x5.5") -- While working to incorporate fire into the finishing process, this "Flow"  his was a test for burning pieces that turned out well.  Leaving some "un"burnt wood behind in the crevices has sort of a reverse visual from our normal stuff. 

--  Sold Out Ansari  |  Light Green  (23.5x15.5)  --   Ansari looks great in a few different colors so one of those colors is green. This particular one finished up looking slightly different than the website photos.  While she finished up great, I did not want to surprise a customer with a different color green than what they were expecting.  Hope you love it.

--  Sold Out Coffee Spadille (15.5x5.5") -- This particular Spadille finished up much different than most.  We stained every other layer and the layers we used for the "natural" layers was unusually dark.  She looks great but can not be sold as a "normal" Spadille as she doesn't look like the "normal" photographs.  This is another example of artwork that would have been great to bring to an in person show. Enjoy!

--  Sold Out Ambedo | Small Dark Area (15.5 x 7.75") --  This 12 Layer Ambedo finished up with some great coloring.  However there is a tiny dark area (see close up photo) that doesn't match the normal photos for Ambedo.   Somebody would have gobbled her up at a show, but alas, no shows... 

 --  Sold Out Spadille with Mini Knot (15.5x5.5") --This Spadille finished up great and features wood with really great color and character.  I enjoy small features only wood can provide and the mini-knot is no exception.  However, not wanting to surprise someone who isn't so open minded, I am listing this Spadille here.  Enjoy! 

--  Sold Out Grain Under Sun (15.5x5.5") -- The wood used for this particular "Grain Under Sun" has some really wonderful grain patterns.  While I consider this piece as one that has finished up great, I do not want to surprise someone that was expecting a simpler grain pattern.  Because of this, I'm listing her here.  Lucky you!  Obviously this is the only one.

Tour of Studio + How its made: Youtube Link 

Every piece is made in my little shop here in Southern NJ. Each piece is constructed from various plywoods, which means that each one turns out slightly different depending on the grain and how the wood accepts the stain. Most commonly Mahogany, Red Oak, and White Birch. The different layers are sometimes stained different colors in order to bring out the design's depth. It also adds more aesthetic texture to an already lively appearance. Note, the appearance will change throughout the day depending on the light.