Alleviation | 96x48 | Limited Run of 8



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Limited edition of 8.
#8 of 8 is currently for sale (the last natural one).

Measures 96" by 48" with Frame
Made up of 12 Layers on the inside.  Solid Black Walnut frame.

Why is she named Alleviation?  Upon the final completion of this design, Alleviation is how I felt.  In order to accommodate working at this scale, we needed to expand our shop to almost 3 times the size it was in January 2019.  Finally finishing her 10 months later has shown how much larger the challenge was than expected.   This was completely worth the effort.

More background on the piece here:  

The Black Walnut frame has also introduced "real" woodworking back into our workflow.  Since leaving the furniture world, I have seriously missed working with solid wood.  While the frame may seem simple in nature, it is a crucial part in both the structural integrity of the artwork and shift in where I'd like to head in the future of making artwork.

Presenting her first at the Philadelphia show 2 days after completion, I quickly learned she has a habit of grabbing people's attention and holding them there for some time.  It was amazing to sit and observe people with wonder while allowing their eyes to wander.  I'm happier with the result of Alleviation then any other piece I've made to date.  The sense that people were slowing down for a bit gave me a sense of accomplishment.  To slow people down and allow the mind to wander is feat with our ever increasing pace.  Thanks for enjoying. 

Can be hung Vertically or Horizontally.  If purchasing them for a Tryptic, please note that the artwork would cover almost 13' across and 8' tall (assuming you placed the three pieces vertically next to one another).

Uses a super simple but extremely strong French Cleat system for hanging.  Also, if you're within 60 minutes of Medford NJ, I'll happily deliver and install the piece for you.

I've now included an option for Museum-Grade Acrylic.  In the past, some people have purchased my artwork and then had it professional framed/glazed.  Rather than this, I'm including this as an option as it will be built into the frame improving the final aesthetic.

Thanks for reading. -

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