Day 042



If a household already owns one of these, please give others a chance of at least 5 minutes before doubling up.  Thanks!

Only one will ever be sold.  This is that one. (SOLD -- this one's going to Cameron from Port Huron, MI!).

Thanks for all of the support, it is really appreciated! Here is my "normal" artwork.

Ok, some common questions that have been coming in regarding the Daily Art Challenge:
1). Can I reserve a future one in advance? Nope.  Sorry, it is equal chances for everyone (that is what makes it fun).
2). What time do you plan to post each day?  The attempt is sometime around noon. No exact time, sorry.  It depends on what else I'm doing for work (EST / GMT-4).
3). Aren't you losing money on this? In the short term, oh definitely.  However, I hope the amount of effort that is going into this project will sharpen my skills and shows people how hard we work to create this stuff.  This is pushing me to design at a faster pace and to finish a design.  These two elements do not come naturally to me.  This is a difficult but needed push.
4). Do you have other stuff for sale?  Of course! Here is artwork, and here is some small fun stuff.
5). One per customer please. Given how much interest there is, if the same person buys twice, I'll refund them and re-list the item.

Price includes Shipping for USA Orders.  If you're outside of USA, shipping will be automatically calculated.