Day 080

Day 080



Only one will ever be sold.  This is that one. (SOLD -- this one's going to Nicole from Billerica, MA!).

Thanks for all of the support, it is really appreciated! Here is my "normal" artwork.

Ok, some common questions that have been coming in regarding the Daily Art Challenge:
1). Can I reserve a future one in advance? Nope.  Sorry, it is equal chances for everyone (that is what makes it fun).
2). What time do you plan to post each day?  The attempt is sometime around noon. No exact time, sorry.  It depends on what else I'm doing for work (EST / GMT-4).
3). Aren't you losing money on this? In the short term, oh definitely.  However, I hope the amount of effort that is going into this project will sharpen my skills and shows people how hard we work to create this stuff.  This is pushing me to design at a faster pace and to finish a design.  These two elements do not come naturally to me.  This is a difficult but needed push.
4). Do you have other stuff for sale?  Of course! Here is artwork, and here is some small fun stuff.
5). Beyond Day 60, I'm no longer preventing people from purchasing more than one Daily.

Price includes Shipping for USA Orders.  If you're outside of USA, shipping will be automatically calculated.


Started April 1st, 2020.

Each day I will be listing an additional mini-art piece here (1 of 1).  Only one of each variety will be sold.  Thanks guys!  Hopefully we come out stronger on the other side. To get a jump on when they are listed, see my instagram stories (@fil_roberts).

For those who have been following for a while, you know this started as the 60-day challenge.  From the beginning, even 60 days seemed like an impossible task. The objective was to practice designing faster, improve my designs, and overcome my inability to actually FINISH designs.  I am super great at starting but the final 10% of a design kills me.  By having to create a new one EVERY day, I have to be able to edit my work much faster and be more confident in my decisions.  This also pushed me to experiment on a bunch of elements that I wouldn't have otherwise.  

Why go past the original 60 days?  They say it takes 21 to 30 days to create a habit.  Well for me, it seems it takes much longer to stick.  It wasn't until I was in the day 50s when I felt like I was getting into a groove.  So, I'm going to continue until I can't anymore - or until I change the everyday challenge to something else.

Thanks to those who have kept me accountable and been here for the ride!  I hope it only improves.