Limited Edition (8) Olivia DRIFT | ~32x24



LIVE 6/7/24 NOW

This is a limited run of Olivia in the new "DRIFT" coloring (8).

If you're looking for the other versions of Olivia, you can find those options here: Link

A huge thank you to Paul and Courtney. We could not have pulled this off without their vigilance.  After a struggle, Paul managed to blend the color across each layer (before assembly) creating a gradient effect.  This is AFTER they developed the primary coloring for Olivia of "Oceanic".  We are excited for further development of this technique.

As you can see in the photographs, one end of Olivia is fully stained as in the Oceanic version while the opposite end is left totally natural.  We are excited with the final result and are excited to see what lies ahead. 

In addition to being Signed, Dated, and Assigned a serial number, these custom Olivia pieces are also labeled 1 through 8.  The number you receive will be the number you select in the dropdown menu "Series Number".  There is also one Artist Proof in the mix.  This proof is very similar to the final (the gradient section is shorter making the "full color" section and the "full natural" sections a bit longer).  Enjoy.

Quick Video preview of DRIFT: Link
DRIFT Specs:
 ~ 32 x 24 inches
 - 12 Layers
- -Mounts vertically or horizontally.